“Can I afford a survey?” or

“Can I afford NOT to have a survey?”

“What sort of survey?” 

& “What sort of surveyor?”

There are some things in life, which would seem to be blatantly obvious. BUT…..

Having seen so many circumstances where people who didn’t have a survey have been financially and sometimes emotionally affected, we see having a proper survey as a “no brainer”. Being surveyors we could bore people for hours with sad tales of purchasers thinking they were saving money.

So which type of survey and will any surveyor do?

Choosing a surveyor you believe to be honest is so very important as you are relying on the surveyor to tell you which is the most appropriate and cost effective type of report you need.

As to which type of surveyor you require, most Chartered Surveyors are “general practice surveyors” but a rarer breed altogether is the Chartered “Building Surveyor”.

Chartered Building Surveyors are the top of the range when it comes to………..well, surveyors.

We think that if you are paying for a building survey you should use a Building Surveyor (logical isn’t it) and Bill Rock has been running our Survey and Valuation Department since 1992.

Bill Rock MRICS is a highly regarded, well respected and experienced Chartered Building Surveyor who can provide reports in respect of:

  • Structural Surveys
  • Homebuyers Reports
  • Valuation Reports
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Expert Witness in Court
  • Preparation of Deed Plans
  • Party Wall Compliance
  • Schedules of Dilapidation and Condition

"...... "having now completed our move to Gnosall, my wife and I wish to express our sincere appreciation to you and your staff for their endeavours over the last few months. We may have had one or two hiccups on the way but their support has been exceptional in every possible way. There is no doubt that the move was stressful after 44 years in the same house but rest assured that we will continue to praise your contribution to all and sundry and we will call in at both offices to reiterate our thanks face to face.""