Sellers Guide

Marketing the property

Marketing the Property

Marketing of your property is very important and that’s the reason we make sure the presentation of your property on the brochures and website features high quality colour photographs, arrange a floor plan, a location map and individual description.


Sales Negotiating

Sales Negotiating

We will inform you of every offer that is made, regardless of its amount. When a potential buyer makes an offer, we will take on the role of managing the negotiations.

This is where we can help with negotiation and our experienced team can make the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. If you are buying a property, we'll also contact the estate agent concerned to find out about the ongoing chain.

Instruct a csolicitor

Instruct a solicitor

One of the most important people in your house sale will be your solicitor, who is tasked with carrying out all the conveyancing and legal work associated with the process. Among their key tasks are drawing up a contract of sale and releasing the necessary details to the buyer's solicitor.

We have solicitors with whom we work closely on a regular basis and can recommend one to you is required.

Sales progression

Progression of Sale

Once the buyer has had their offer accepted, a sale has been agrees subject to contract. Nicolsons has dedicated sales teams who will maintain a regular contact with you, the buyer and the solicitors until a successful completion.

Exchange & Completion

Exchange and Completion

At the point of exchanging contracts you become legally committed to the sale, as does your purchaser. In other words, you could face legal action if you go back on your decision to sell after this point. 

On the day of completion the purchase monies are transferred to your solicitor and you should hear from both your solicitor and the agent to confirm the sale has been completed.


"...... "we are writing to express our appreciation for the work your staff have put in for us over a period of several years now. First of all thanks to all the staff in your Residential Leasing department for the last four years they have been unfailingly courteous, cheerful and efficient: and in our dealings with them over the telephone they have become friends. We regard the 10% management fee as money well spent in the interest of hassle free letting of our property, in a situation where, from 70 miles away, we would have otherwise faced considerable difficulties. Secondly thanks to your Gnosall office who have handled the recent sale of the property equally well. We are well aware that most of us in the modern world are all to quick to complain but not necessarily so eager to commend, so we wanted to tell you that all the staff we have dealt with in your offices are a credit to you and your company and trust you will pass on our appreciation to them.""