Accurate Valuation

Nicolsons will aim to place your property on the market with a more accurate sales valuation price relevant to the current market conditions.

Agents who often knowingly over-value, know what they are doing and will usually tie you to a long contract – three to four months – during which they have the time to persuade you to reduce the price to what it should have been in the first place. Often over-valuing is just to capture your business by misleading you. It is important to be realistic in your asking price, the real cost if you are not, is failing to purchase what may be the house of your dreams, which leads to disappointment and shattered dreams.

"...... "we are writing to express our appreciation for the work your staff have put in for us over a period of several years now. First of all thanks to all the staff in your Residential Leasing department for the last four years they have been unfailingly courteous, cheerful and efficient: and in our dealings with them over the telephone they have become friends. We regard the 10% management fee as money well spent in the interest of hassle free letting of our property, in a situation where, from 70 miles away, we would have otherwise faced considerable difficulties. Secondly thanks to your Gnosall office who have handled the recent sale of the property equally well. We are well aware that most of us in the modern world are all to quick to complain but not necessarily so eager to commend, so we wanted to tell you that all the staff we have dealt with in your offices are a credit to you and your company and trust you will pass on our appreciation to them.""